Experience unparalleled luxury and exclusivity with Premier Villas' platinum villa collection, a curated selection of Turkey's most exquisite villas, designed for discerning travellers seeking an unforgettable group holiday. Nestled in the most prestigious locations along the stunning Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, our platinum collection villas offer not just a holiday, but a journey into a world of luxury, privacy, and impeccable service.

Each villa in the platinum collection has been handpicked for its distinctive character, breathtaking architecture, and sublime settings, offering panoramic sea views, private pools, and lavish interiors. Here, every detail is refined to provide an unparalleled holiday experience, where the beauty of Turkey is matched only by the exclusivity and comfort of your stay. Discover the ultimate expression of luxury holiday living with Premier Villas' platinum villa collection, where unforgettable memories await.

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T2174: Melike

5 | 5 | 10 |

Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Kalkan

Villa Melike is a beautiful, high-end villa located close to Kalkan centre, with panoramic views of the ocean.

From £1899 per week

From £190 per person per week

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T2073: Timeless

7 | 8 | 16 |

Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Kalkan

Villa Timeless has been built to the finest standards. Boasting 7 ensuite bedrooms with full air-conditioning throughout, the property accents sophistication and beauty. Perfectly positioned affording breathtaking views over Kalkan Bay.

From £4865 per week

From £304 per person per week

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T2134: Kismet

4 | 5 | 11 |

Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Kalkan

T2134 is a superb luxury modern villa with lots of external space for sunbathing and relaxing.

From £2808 per week

From £255 per person per week

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Caracara 2

T2132: Caracara 2

7 | 7 | 17 |

Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Kalkan

Executive class 7 bedroom luxury villa. T2132 boasts stunning views from its hillside location above the popular harbour town of Kalkan.

From £2760 per week

From £162 per person per week

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The Cactus House

T2008: The Cactus House

4 | 6 | 12 |

Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Kalkan

Outstanding luxury! The Cactus House is a recently renovated, substantial and extremely well-appointed property in a secluded area of Kalkan offering 4 en-suite bedrooms (+5 convertible entertainment room for kids bedroom) and complete privacy.

From £2531 per week

From £211 per person per week

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Discover Unmatched Luxury with Our Platinum Villa Collection In Turkey

Exclusive Locations

Our platinum collection of luxury villas in Turkey are situated in the most sought-after coastal destinations, including the vibrant streets of Bodrum, the historical charm of Antalya, and the picturesque hillsides of Kalkan and Kas. These prime locations offer guests a perfect blend of privacy and accessibility to the best beaches, cultural sites, and gourmet dining experiences Turkey has to offer.

Architectural Excellence and Design

Each villa in our platinum collection stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and bespoke design. From modern minimalist masterpieces to opulent Ottoman-inspired estates, our villas boast unique aesthetics that complement their natural surroundings. Expansive living spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, and seamless indoor-outdoor living areas ensure your comfort and satisfaction at every turn.

Personalised Services and Amenities

The platinum collection experience is defined by a commitment to personalised service and exceptional amenities. From private chefs and butler services to tailored experiences like yacht charters and guided cultural tours, our team is dedicated to fulfilling your every desire. Exclusive amenities such as infinity pools, private cinemas, and spa facilities are standard in many of our villas, ensuring your stay is nothing short of spectacular!

An Authentic Taste of Turkish Hospitality

While the luxury of our platinum collection villas is unmatched, the warmth of Turkish hospitality remains at the heart of the experience. Enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine prepared by private chefs, explore local markets with expert guides, or simply relax as our concierge service takes care of all your needs. Our commitment to providing an authentic and enriching holiday experience reflects the true spirit of Turkish generosity and hospitality.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

A stay in one of our platinum collection villas is more than a holiday; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family. Whether it's celebrating a special occasion, exploring the rugged beauty of Turkey's coasts, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of your private villa, our villas promise an exclusive escape that transcends the ordinary.