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Antalya isn’t just a city, it’s a region along most of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast that is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite. One of the reasons is the region’s seaside location which makes for mild winters (but expect lots of rain) and warm, balmy summers.

This region, in Turkey's south-west corner, boasts a 400 mile sweep of white sand beaches and quiet coves. The coast is backed by avocado plantations, olive groves and the Taurus Mountains. Considered one of the least contaminated coastal areas of the Mediterranean, this Turkish region leaves a lasting impression in the mind of those who visit it.

The area has a rich history with the Ottomans, the Romans and the Byzantines having all passed through Antalya over the centuries, leaving their mark on its culture as well as its architecture. One of the most iconic spots in the whole city is the unmistakable Hadrian’s Gate, the main entrance into Kaleiçi, Antalya’s picturesque Old Town. Get lost in the narrow, cobbled streets and take in the unique Ottoman houses as you go. You will find a variety of shops, galleries, restaurants and boutique hotels among the sea of white-washed buildings and distinctive terracotta roofs.

The local cuisine is mainly fish and fresh vegetables and Antalya is the centre of Turkish tomato growing. You will find plenty of traditional restaurants where you can spend an evening over shared plates of mezze. The best can be found in the old city, where there’s an lively Mediterranean atmosphere that never leaves its pavement cafés and narrow streets.

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Blue Mansion

T2121: Blue Mansion

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Turkey, Mediterranean Coast, Antalya

Nestled in the alluring and tranquil centuries-old Turkish village of Seki within Pamphylia Valley, Blue Mansion provides a destination of ancient history, worldly tradition, and unparalleled hospitality. Just 30 mins from the popular LikyaLinks Golf club.

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