Greece is a popular destination not only because of its amazing islands but also because the mainland offers plenty of options for a fabulous Mediterranean holiday. There is lots to explore from unspoilt fishing villages full of tranquil charm, tower towns to traditional stone built villages. Visit archaeological sites, learn more about the country's fascinating culture, travel along the spectacular coastline and enjoy its picture-perfect scenery.

Mainland Greece is the southernmost part of the Balkan peninsula. At its North, there are the regions of Thrace and Macedonia. There you will also find the smaller peninsula of Chalkidiki, which looks like a three-fingered hand jutting forth into the Aegean.

Going further south, you will come upon the regions of Epirus and Thessaly, and right below them the region of Central Greece. It’s in Central Greece where Attica and the capital city of Athens are located.

Even further south is the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow strip of land to which the second, far bigger, peninsula of the Peloponnese is naturally attached. The Corinth Canal connects the Saronic and Corinthian Gulfs formed on either side of the Isthmus.

Each of these regions has each own unique character and look, not only when it comes to nature and the sites of outstanding natural beauty but also in architectural style, customs and folklore, local heritage and culture, local differentiation in terms of cuisine and delicacies, and even daily rhythms and routines.

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