The largest country in Western Europe, France is also the most varied in terms of scenery and climate. From Brittany to Provence, the Auvergne, the Loire Valley, the Dordogne or the Alps, Burgundy to Languedoc, Poitou-Charentes or Aquitaine and the Pyrenees, each region is special, each is a holiday in itself. It is also a country with over 2000 miles of beaches and seashores, plenty of space for even the most demanding of holidaymakers!

Then there's wine. France is one of the world's great wine producing countries, and a country with a vast range of wines, from full bodied Mediterranean reds to light fruity sparkling whites, via less well-known varieties including "grey wine" (vin gris) and "yellow wine" (vin jaune).

And there's no better way to discover these delights than with a Premier Villa French holiday.