The coastal capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, has become a progressively popular place to visit in recent years.

There's alot to see and do in Lisbon with many attractions such as museums, the Abbey of Alcobaca, the Aquarium Vasco da Gama and the cities monuments. A stay in the city is perfect to combine with a golfing holiday since there are over 90 golf courses and it's mild climate attracts golfers from around the world. 

Lisbon's culinary cuisine is most appealing with a pleasing variety of foods such as fresh fish, tapas, piri piri chicken and a popular Portuguese staple known as bacalhau, which is dried saltcod fried and served witrh crispy fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, black olives and finished with parsley. 

Hosting some of Portugals finest beaches the Lisbon coast is a stretch of golden beaches, dramatic cliff faces and lively seaside towns. There really is something for everyone, whether you are looking for the family friendly beaches or an amazing hot spot for surfing, you will find it in Lisbon.

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