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One of our favourites! The original town of Kas was founded on the remains of ancient Antiphellos and, as with Kalkan, has the striking Taurus Mountains as a backdrop and faces the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. The little port town has developed over the years and has become the region's main tourist attraction, boasting a brand new state-of-the-art marina opened in 2011. The town itself is bigger than Kalkan but retains its idyllic ambience, providing an eclectic mix of ancient history and sophisticated refinement.

Historically, Kas was a small port located at the southern tip of Lycia. In ancient times the town was known as Habesos, with it being renamed Antiphellos in later years. It is said to be one of Lycia's oldest settlements and protected by a breakwater served the ancient cities of Pinarbasi and Phellos.

Naturally, because of the town's historical location, there are many ancient treasures to be explored. Right in the centre of the old town is a five-meter tall rock-carved Lycian sarcophagus dating from the 4th century BC. There are Lycian tombs nearby, an ancient shipwreck, the still used Greek amphitheatre, and more.

Stroll around the town's attractions and charming shops during the day, and have enjoyable nightlife after the sun goes down. A range of restaurants and bars are within seconds of one another and the promenade by the old harbour is idyllic.

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