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Ragusa is really two towns combined into one municipality in 1926. Lower Ragusa, known as Ragusa Ibla, or simply "Ibla," was the ancient city, rebuilt after suffering heavy damage due to the infamous 1693 earthquake that devastated south-eastern Sicily. Upper Ragusa, or Ragusa Superiore, is the main part of the new city built on the ridge across from the old city of lbla after the earthquake. Due to the fact that upper Ragusa was built in the early 1700s, most of its churches and main buildings were thus constructed in the Baroque and Neo-Classical Styles. Most of the city's history deals with the old city of Ibla.

For most visitors, Ragusa and its province are off the beaten path. However, this factor also has an advantage since the area is one of the more tranquil and thus more "authentically" Sicilian of the island's nine provinces. Consequently, the dearth of tourists here makes the beaches of the province of Ragusa some of the cleanest and affordable and least crowded to be found in Sicily.

Hyblaean Mountains

The Hyblean (Iblei) Mountains occupy an area between Siracusa and Ragusa. Though scenic, the range is not very high. Mount Lauro, the highest peak, reaches only 986 metres above sea level.

As in Sicily's other mountain ranges, the Hybleans are predominantly limestone, though with some volcanic features. There are woodlands in some areas. Pantalica was probably a Sicanian necropolis. In addition to Ragusa, places of historical interest include Modica and Palazzolo Acreide. Cava Ispica is a spectacular canyon.

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