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Acireale, Caltagirone, Catania, Grammichele, Licodia Eubea, Militello, Mineo, Misterbianco, Nicolosi, Palagonia, Pedara, Trecastagni, Scordia, Vizzini. In a single day in 1693, all these places were devastated by a disastrous earthquake, soon after to be rebuilt to a greater or lesser extent in the Baroque style of the newly flourishing Noto Valley.

Catania The city conserves the layout given to it in the 18th-century by the viceroy who supervised its reconstruction. The Uzeda Gate near the harbour was erected in honour of this viceroy in 1696. The gate links the Chierici Seminary to the Cathedral, the facade of which was built between 1730 and 1758 by Giovan Battista Vaccarini, who also designed the Elephant Fountain (1735-6) that stands in the square before it, reminiscent of the fountain in Piazza della Minerva in Rome.

Several other buildings were commissioned from Vaccarini, including the Palazzo di Città, the Valle, Reburdone and San Giuliano palaces, the Benedictine Monastery and the Sant'Agata Abbey.

Catania lies at the feet of the highest volcano in Europe: Mount Etna. Etna, land of myths and legends. The people in ancient times looked at the mount with fear and respect. They considered it as the abode of Volcano, God of fire and of the Cyclopes.

For centuries it has been the great Mediterranean bonfire and a lighthouse to sailors, its short name exists from the dawn of civilization. Its meaning dates from time immemorial.

The Arabs were so amazed when they first saw it that they defined it 'othe' mount of 'mountso' ('Mongibello'). The highest of all Europe active volcanoes (approx 3,350 metres, its height changes following each eruption); it overlooks the whole Ionic coast and can be seen from a distance of over 250K together with its 1,260sqk of lava surface and a base perimeter of 250K, nowadays Etna is an international resort for tourists and sportsmen, bringing old memories to the fore with the use of modern day equipment.

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