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Patitiri is the capital and the main port of Alonissos, where the biggest part of the island's population is concentrated. This relatively newborn village was built by the inhabitants of Chora who left their village due to the earthquake of 1965. This explains why all the houses in Patitiri are well-maintained with beautiful flower balconies and colorful verandas.

The buildings and houses built on the hill slopes offer a unique harmony while the tourist infrastructure is quite discrete and respects the natural beauty of the area. Narrow whitewashed streets and stairs give a particular atmosphere to this little harbour, surrounded by incredibly crystalline emerald waters and rocky marble formations well illuminated during the night.

The whole village is surrounded by dense pine forest. On the seafront, a little sandy beach shares some of its calmness with the taverns and little cafes boarding the harbour. Public services are located in Patitiri, such as the post office, the health centre and the Euronature Information Centre on Environmental Protection.

A nice variety of supermarkets, bakeries, pastry houses and other local shops can be found in Patitiri, in the two main streets starting from the harbour. Locals managed to preserve the natural environment without reducing tourism, offering Patitiri a peaceful and calm atmosphere and visitors that respect this unique landscape.

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