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San Antonio, once a small fishing village and now a top holiday destination, loved for its relaxed and easy-going feel. You can listen to the world's best DJs live, stop and take in a dazzling orange sunset or take to the water in a huge variety of ways. It is set in one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbours in Europe, San Antonio Bay is an open expanse of calm waters. Add to this big blue skies and rolling hills and you get a stunning and graceful backdrop for a very lively and fun resort. 

With a picturesque palm-lined promenade that snakes all the way from the small Caló des Moro beach to the other side of the bay, San Antonio is not only a beautiful resort for holidaymakers, it is also the stepping stone to Ibiza's famous clubbing scene. While it has gained a reputation as a party hotspot over the years, San Antonio is also a favourite with locals, who descend in the evenings and at weekends to take advantage of its excellent restaurant scene. San Antonio is home to an extensive range of bars, clubs and restaurants in the famous West End and the surrounding pedestrianised lanes, as well as on the lovely promenade.

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