Luxury Villas In Ibiza

Premier Villas offers a large range of luxury villas in Ibiza. Whether you are looking for a beautiful private villa up in the North, or a luxury villa by the sea in the South, we can help. The island of Ibiza is only 24 km long by 17 km wide so you are never more than half an hour’s drive from magnificent beaches and great restaurants

Ibiza boasts striking scenery, charming family resorts and many of the best beaches in the Balearics. Ibiza is situated in the western Mediterranean Sea and is divided into five provinces: Eivissa the capital; Santa Eulària, San Antoni, San Josep and San Joan.

Well known for it’s night life, Ibiza is also a wonderful island to explore, with nearly 60 beaches to choose from on Ibiza, and more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Ibiza’s landscape lends itself perfectly to an enormous choice of outdoor leisure activities such as golf, horse riding, snorkelling, diving and boat trips.

The cuisine is quite different from what you’d find on the Spanish mainland. Juicy, charred meats grilled outdoors and fresh fish make up the majority of meals, alongside locally grown organic fruit and vegetables and fresh pastries.

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