Eating out in the Algarve holds a prominent position in Portuguese life and is the only way to truly discover the extent of the region's culinary range. Food in the Algarve can be seen to reflect the heritage of this fantastic Region, always full of flavour and richly prepared, and with roots dating back to a world long since gone.

With such a wide variety of dishes it was hard to pick just five but after much discussion here is our top five choices:

Port Vinho do Porto or Portuguese wine as the Portuguese would say is a fortified wine produced in the Duoro Valley. It’s often served as a dessert wine because of its sweetness. The fermentation process is stopped by the addition of a brandy and aged in oak barrels usually stored in a cave. Perfect with cheese.

Espumante This is Portugal’s version of France’s Champagne and what a quality alternative it is. Harvested at the same time of year and exclusively from the DOC Bairrada region. The soil gives the fruit and therefore the wine a fragrant and earthy quality bursting with fruity flavours ideal for an early evening soiree.

Chicken Piri Piri A delicious and spicy dish created in Africa using ingredients brought to shore by Portuguese settlers. The main ingredient a small Chile known as Piri-Piri in Swahili gives the dish its famous kick. Made into a sauce it can be applied to many types of meat and fish with Chicken and Sardines being the favourite and then grilled on an open flame, every bite to die for.

Custard Pastry Very similar to a traditional British custard tart but with buttery flaky pastry. In the 18th century nun’s used egg whites to clean their habits which left an abundance of egg yolks, quick thinking Monks prepared dishes to use up the leftover yolks and the custard pastry was born. Lucky for us.

Bacalhau Portugal’s famous fish dish of salted cod with potatoes, onions and eggs. This dish can be cooked in a multitude of ways with each region having its own take but the 4 main ingredients remain the same. A classic not to be missed.

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