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Reggello is one of the cool and shaded towns closest to Florence; loved by Florentines who are looking for a little relief from the city during the summer months, it’s also a perfect day trip.

The town of Reggello as we know it today was probably once called Castelnuovo della pieve di Cascia, due to two imperial papal bulls in 1103 and 1134 and which was distinguished from the Castelvecchio di Cascia; owned by the Guidi Counts, some Florentine Guelphs found refuge there in 1248 having been driven out by the ruling Ghibelline faction in Florence.

Right as you arrive in the town, you’ll see the Parish church of S. Pietro a Casciabuilt on the request of the countess Matilde di Canossa between the 10th and 11th centuries. The monument is perfectly intact (in part due to some skilful restorations) and is a typical example of Romanesque architecture.

The Museum dedicated to Massacio's is also nearby, home to the wonderful Triptych of San Giovenale.

Regello is found on Florentine mountains, between the north-western side of Pratomagno and the Upper Valdarno among the Vallombrosa woods. And right here is the beautiful Vallombrosa Abbey, the most recognisable element of this area

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