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Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) have remained virtually unchanged and those quiet mountain paths and deserted bays and coves with azure blue waters can still be found.  The pace of life is so relaxing.

On Favignana, the largest of the islands, and Levanzo, the smallest, Paleolithic and Neolithic cave paintings can be found.  The most famous is the Grotta del Genovese on Levanzo which were only discovered in 1949.  They consist of incisions using charcoal and animal fat showing scenes from daily life including fishing for tuna, animal husbandry and dancing.

The Egadi Islands all share the Marine Reserve, one of the largest and most varied in Europe.

Favignana is 10 miles off the Trapani coast and is a popular holiday destination in the summer months.

Levanzo is very hilly, though the highest peak, Pizzo dei Monaco. only rises to 278m.  The coastline is mostly dramatic rocky cliffs, though there are a few lovely beaches.  There is one village (Cala Dogana), one road, two shops, two hotels and two restaurants.  Levanzo is an ideal place to go walking, swimming, reading and on boat trips. 

Marettimo is more isolated of the Egadi Islands, and is 15 miles off the coast of Trapani.  It is a wonderful unspoilt Island.  Dramatic limestone cliffs give wonderful views towards the azure sea, and the terrain makes perfect walking.

To navigate the Egadi Islands, there is a frequent hydrofoil from Trapani or Marsala.


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