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Luxury Villas in Antiparos

The island of Antiparos is a picturesque island that is embraced by beautiful sandy beaches, secluded coves and crystal waters. Its whitewashed houses, narrow cobble-stone alleyways, tiny churches and bougainvillea flowers compose a genuine Cycladic image which shall captivate your sight, your soul and your heart. It is a summer resort ideal for peaceful and quiet vacations.

Life moves slowly on Antiparos. Everything is very traditional although you will find everything you need: restaurants, private rooms even an internet cafe with broadband.

On Agios Ioannis Hill is the breathtaking cave of Antiparos - the most interesting natural destination of the whole island.

Antiparos offers activities such as trekking and cycling to isolated beaches and hills, photography of the exquisite landscape, the Cave, the Castle, and other attractions.

Villas in Antiparos