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Located in the south west of France in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, only half an hour from Spain, Biarritz has become a destination not to be missed.

It was in the mid 19th century that Victor Hugo discovered Biarritz, a charming fishing harbour in the Basque country. Since then, Biarritz has remained one of the most welcoming towns in France. The town keeps the traditions of the surrounding Basque countryside, a region that has managed to preserve its own charm and mysteries right up to the present day. 

Though the French Basque coastline is only 40 kilometres (25 miles) long, it’s peppered with picture perfect charming villages, vibrant seaside resorts and endless golden sandy beaches. An eclectic mix of architecture combining Art Deco, Neo-Basque and Neo-Norman styles, gives Biarritz a unique personality alongside a chic atmosphere. Biarritz also retains a trace of Belle Epoque elegance - the resort was a favoured holiday retreat of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie.

The surf scene in Biarritz is world-class, so much so that the city has been dubbed the "Surf Capital of Europe." World championships and festivals are held here, camper vans congregate around La Côte des Basques (the main surf beach), and there are just as many people wearing wetsuits as people decked out in chic resort wear. For many serious surfers, Biarritz is the place to be (and when you catch your first glimpse of those towering waves, you'll understand why).

Apart from the city's unmistakable elegance, there's enough grit (or what passes for grit in a French resort town, anyway) to keep things interesting. If you look closely enough, you'll notice it too: the untamed natural beauty and structurally elegant buildings, the cosmopolitan vibes and scruffy surf scene, the glamour and the grime. This juxtaposition makes Biarritz such a fascinating place,

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