Monty is a 3 bedroom Premier Villa located in Milna,  part of Brac island, Croatia


Villa Monty is located in a quiet pine forest. To the centre (200 m) steps are leading between adjacent stone houses with red roofs.
The spaciousness of the villa is reflected in the kitchen and living room that are combined in one room. Upstairs bedrooms are decorated with wooden furniture, dominated by vivid colours and floral decorations drawn to the housings.

In this villa you won't be sad: lots of decorations in different colours are accentuated by sunlight that adorns them relentlessly through the large windows.

Since Milna is located near the most indented part of the coast of the island, it is surrounded by numerous bays that can be reached by a 20-minute drive from the exit of the place so you can see the beauty of the place.


At this Villa, you will have peace and fresh air. The garden is full of flowers, laurel, rosemary and agave. The Villa is surrounded by pine and cypress trees, keeping the shade on the terrace and allowing you to enjoy the view of the whole town and the marina which is always full of boats.

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All prices are for the villa only. Villas are booked from 16:00 on your arrival day to 10:00 on your departure day. Please note that availability shown is subject to confirmation - please call our reservations team.

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